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Lynn Blunt, MD

Lynn Blunt

Lynn Blunt, MD


Dr. Lynn W. Blunt, Jr. specializes in General Urology and Focuses on BPH, Prostate Cancer and Kidney Stone disease. He also has a background in the diagnosis and treatment of Urologic Trauma.

He joined Arizona Center for Cancer Care in 2010 when his team at Valley Urology Associates, entered into a partnership. Prior to joining Valley Urologic Associates and Arizona Center for Cancer Care, Dr. Blunt served as the chairman for the Division of Urology at Mount Sinai Hospital in Chicago. During his term, Dr. Blunt was responsible for educating residents and medical students at the University of Chicago Urology Residency Program and the Chicago Medical School, respectively. Dr. Blunt also served as the institution’s physician liaison to The Commission on Cancer for The American College of Surgeons, making Dr. Blunt a leading authority in urologic oncology.


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