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Grateful Arizona Cancer Patient

Oct 01, 2019

Grateful Arizona Cancer Patient
Medical Oncologist Dr, Sanjeev Gopal is a superstar! As a result, below is a beautiful letter from grateful Arizona cancer patient Roberta O’Coyne in Mesa.

Medical Oncologist Dr, Sanjeev Gopal is a superstar! As a result, below is a beautiful letter from grateful Arizona cancer patient Roberta O’Coyne in Mesa.

Grateful Arizona Cancer Patient

Grateful Arizona Cancer Patient Roberta O’Coyle sends this beautiful letter about Dr. Gopal. In addition, she is giving Dr. Gopal her highest recommendation.

From Roberta

I met Dr. Gopal in June 2018 when a mass was discovered in my liver. As a result, I am here to write this letter today due to the care I received.

My case turned out to be quite the conundrum. The mass in my liver was in a spot that was impossible to biopsy. One option was to wait and see what time would do to the mass, but Dr. Gopal was not willing to sit by and be idle. His intuition was the mass was not the original site of cancer, so if we treat the cancer then we must know the origin.

After a biopsy of the lymph nodes along my thorax, upper lower GI probes did not reveal any further cancer. Consequently, Dr. Gopal referred me to a surgeon who specializes in difficult liver surgeries. Furthermore, in August 2018 I had one third of my liver removed. Most noteworthy, the cancer turned out to be the product of what I was told was cervical cancer from over 20 years ago. However, Dr. Gopal shows incredible tenacity. He digs deeper. In addition, he uncovers 20-year-old surgical notes to find the original cancer was not cervical. Hence, it was endometrial and was to have been removed during my hysterectomy in 1997.

The mass associated with my liver is successfully removed, and because the origin of the cancer had been removed decades ago, Even more, I did not need any further immediate treatments. Most importantly, I now have check-ups every six months to ensure that I remain cancer free.

Determined Doctor

During this frustrating journey, Dr. Gopal remained determined to find answers. Even more, Dr. Gopal truly cares. He is compassionate. In addition, he is relentless in getting me the best care possible. Not only is Dr. Gopal an exceptional oncologist, he is well-connected and respected. Through his connections, I was able to be seen by top specialists and received first class treatment at every step. Dr. Gopal took the time to personally call each physician to discuss my case.

The accolades do not stop there. Earlier this year, I was hospitalized for another health issue and when Dr. Gopal was notified that I was an impatient, he took an active role in my recovery, He stopped by daily to check on me and included himself in my plan of care.

Dr. Gopal is a wonderful physician who truly cares for his patients. He will forever have my full respect and gratitude.

Best regards,

Roberta S. O’Coyne

To Learn More About Dr. Gopal

In addition, to learn more about Dr. Gopal, AZCCC and the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Care Network please go to https://arizonaccc.com/your-team/specialty/medical-oncology/

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