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Danielle Duchini, DO

About Dr. Duchini

Danielle Duchini, DO

Breast Surgical Oncology

Contact Dr. Duchini: 

Phone number: 602-374-3440


  • Medical School:  Lake Erie School of Osteopathic Medicine - Erie, PA
  • Residency: University of Pittsburg Medical Center Horizon - Farrell, PA
  • Fellowship: The Washington Cancer Institute - part of the National Institute of Health and the National Cancer Institute - Washington, D.C.
  • Board Certification: Oncoplastic Reconstructive Surgery, Diagnostic and Interventional Breast Ultrasound, & Hidden Scar Breast Cancer Surgery 





Dr. Duchini is a Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Breast Surgical Oncologist and Oncoplastic Reconstructive Surgeon. She was born and raised in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Duchini states “As breast surgeons, we need to recognize the special concerns of breast patients. We have a responsibility to be available, approachable, and provide information regarding community resources and support. I treat every one of my patients as if they are my mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, and daughter. I put myself in their shoes and treat them like I would want to be treated. I also understand that the waiting is the hardest part, so I always want to get my patients in as soon as possible.”

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