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About Christi Bourne, MD

Christi Bourne, MD

About Christi Bourne, MD

Breast Surgical Oncology

Dr. Bourne is a board-certified surgeon who has practiced in the Valley since 1990. She believes that real commitment means treating not just breast cancer but the person who is living with it. She enjoys counseling patients about their options as much as she does taking care of them in the operating room. Her goal is treating the cancer effectively while ensuring the best possible aesthetic outcome.

Dr. Bourne loves giving back to the community and over the years has volunteered with a local crisis nursery and Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Arizona. In addition to raising her own son and daughter, she provided respite care to foster families for three years. In her spare time, Dr. Bourne avoids exercise in order to spend quality time with her cat. She also serves as her family’s unofficial, unpaid and unappreciated resident film critic.

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